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MOSCOW, RUDN University
  • Popkova Anna

    Full name: Popkova Anna

    Job: Deputy Director for International Affairs

    Place of work: Insitute of Environmental Engineering, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia named after Patrice Lumumba

    Work experience: 6

    Academic degree: PhD in Environmental Science

    Professional interests: Environmental Biotechnologies, Green Economy, Enterprise Sustainable Development

  • Dodonova Anna

    Full name: Dodonova Anna

    Job: Deputy Director for International Affairs

    Place of work: UNESCO Department of Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development Institute of Chemistry and Sustainable Development Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia

    Work experience: 28

    Academic degree: PhD in Chemical Science

    Professional interests: Education for sustainable development, environmental education, environmental protection, environmental education for chemical students

  • Elansky Sergey

    Full name: Elansky Sergey

    Job: Professor

    Place of work: Agrarian and Technological Institute

    Work experience: 25

    Academic degree: DrSci in Mycology

    Professional interests: Plant diseases, plant protection, phytopathogenic fungi, fungicides

  • Brazovskiy Konstantin

    Full name: Brazovskiy Konstantin

    Job: Professor for Research School for chemical and applied biomedical science

    Place of work: National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University

    Work experience: 28

    Academic degree: Dr. in Technical Science

    Professional interests: Medical imaging, numerical simulation of living systems, medical physics

  • Dmitrii SAMOKHIN

    Full name: Dmitrii SAMOKHIN

    Job: Head of the department of "Nuclear Physics and Engineering" 

    Place of work: National Research Nuclear University МЕРhI

    Work experience: 20

    Academic degree: PhD

    Professional interests: Safety of nuclear facilities and technologies

  • Kah Masamba Omarovich

    Full name: Kah Masamba Omarovich

    Job: Expert of the department for the development of international project activities

    Place of work: RUDN University

    Work experience: 20

    Academic degree: PhD

    Professional interests: Start-up and development of industrial and educational projects with African countries

  • Neporada Natalya

    Full name: Neporada Natalya

    Job: Director of the Career Center, Executive Director of the International Employer’s Club

    Place of work: MGIMO

    Work experience: 16

    Academic degree: Ph.D. of philology

    Professional interests: International employment, Career of young professionals, Russian language and Russian literature, Collaboration of Universities with employers

  • Ryan Collier

    Full name: Ryan Collier

    Job: Director General of Rosatom in Central and South Africa

    Place of work: State Corporation Rosatom

    Work experience:

    Academic degree:

    Professional interests: Nuclear physics, atomic technologies

  • Dr. Igor Zhukovskiy

    Full name: Dr. Igor Zhukovskiy

    Job: Project Head

    Place of work: Project “Soft Skills development and assessment in Russian universities” by NGO «Russia – a country of opportunities»

    Work experience: 20 years of experience in international relations. 5 years of diplomatic experience in the field mission.

    Academic degree: PhD, political science (2009, Moscow State International Relations Institute)

    Professional interests: Government Affairs, Strategic management and Organizational development expert.

  • Peter Kisembo

    Full name: Peter Kisembo

    Job: Nuclear Physicist

    Place of work: Ministry of Energy

    Work experience: Less than 1 year

    Academic degree: MSc Nuclear Physics and Technology

    Professional interests: Radiation protection, particle therapy

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